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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) 8.2/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

After seven months have passed without a culprit in her daughter's murder case, Mildred Hayes makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at Bill Willoughby, the town's revered chief of police. When his second-in-command Officer Jason Dixon, an immature mother's boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing's law enforcement is only exacerbated.

Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Martin McDonagh
Starring: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell

24 Hours to Live (2017) 5.7/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Contracted to kill. Fighting to survive.
An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
Director: Brian Smrz
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Paul Anderson, Rutger Hauer

The Color of Milk (2004) 6.4/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Selma's mother died giving birth to her, and Selma's step aunt is living proof that men only cause trouble. So the 11 year old girl makes a deal with her best friends that they will stay away from boys and dedicate their lives to science. And by the way, Selma was probably born on another planet and not meant to fall in love with anyone. But what happens when her friends break the pact, and she actually meets a boy who's not like the rest?

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Torun Lian
Starring: Lars Brunborg, Tobias Bøksle, Celine Engebrigtsen

Norwegen 2013 GERMAN DL DOKU 1080p BluRay x264-TVP
Posted 3.7d, 2.06 GB, 2 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Has English For Sure   Added to German Category 
Norwegen 2013 GERMAN DOKU BDRip x264-TVP
Posted 3.7d, 1.05 GB, 25 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Added to German Category 
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Norwegen 2013 GERMAN DOKU 720p BluRay x264-TVP
Posted 3.7d, 2.63 GB, 58 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Added to German Category 

Ocean Wonderland (2003) 6.1/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Shot on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and in the Bahamas, Ocean Wonderland brings to you the amazing beauty of the many varieties of coral and the immense diversity of the marine life thriving there.

Genre: Documentary
Director: Jean-Jacques Mantello

Avicii: True Stories (2017) 7.7/10

If you were thrown into a life of success, what would you do when it all comes crashing down?
Documentary about the arena-packing Swedish DJ, chronicling his explosive rise to fame and surprising decision to retire from live performances in 2016.

Genre: Documentary
Director: Levan Tsikurishvili
Starring: Avicii

Psycho (1960) 8.5/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

The master of suspense moves his cameras into the icy blackness of the unexplored!
When larcenous real estate clerk Marion Crane goes on the lam with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel, where manager Norman Bates cares for his housebound mother. The place seems quirky, but fine… until Marion decides to take a shower.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles

Psycho 1960 German DL 1080p BluRay x264-DECENT
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Psycho 1960 German DL 1080p BluRay x264-DECENT
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Decoding Annie Parker (2013) 6.3/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Everyone thought they were crazy, until they proved everyone wrong.
The lives of a breast-cancer patient and a researcher who is trying to prove a genetic link to cancer intersect in a groundbreaking study.

Genre: Drama
Director: Steven Bernstein
Starring: Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul

Parker German 2013 DVDRiP x264 iNTERNAL-CiA
Posted 4.4d, 1.03 GB, 25 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Added to German Category 

The Greatest Showman (2017) 7.9/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Genre: Drama, Music
Director: Michael Gracey
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) 8.9/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

For three men the Civil War wasn't hell. It was practice.
While the Civil War rages between the Union and the Confederacy, three men – a quiet loner, a ruthless hit man and a Mexican bandit – comb the American Southwest in search of a strongbox containing $200,000 in stolen gold.

Genre: Western
Director: Sergio Leone
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef

The Commuter (2018) 6.4/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Lives are on the line
A businessman on his daily commute home gets unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy that threatens not only his life but the lives of those around him.

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Starring: Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson

The Vexxer (2007) 6.1/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Scotland Yard investigators have to prevent the murder of Victoria Dickman when her name is found on a death list.

Genre: Comedy, Crime
Director: Cyrill Boss, Philipp Stennert
Starring: Oliver Kalkofe, Bastian Pastewka, Joachim Fuchsberger

Bauer unser 2016 GERMAN DOKU WS DVDRip x264-CDP
Posted 5d, 814.01 MB, 8 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Added to German Category 
Bauer unser 2016 GERMAN DOKU WS DVDRip x264-CDP
Posted 5d, 802.45 MB, 20 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Added to German Category 

Mother's Day (2016) 5.6/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Celebrate the one day that connects us all
Intersecting stories with different moms collide on Mother's Day.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Garry Marshall
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts

Mother (2016) 5.7/10

A pregnant woman, who is taking care of her son with development problems, is at her breaking point when a caregiver from the Philippines steps into her life. Diana suspects that she’s using voodoo against her after the quick improvements of her son.

Genre: Thriller
Director: Aaron Burns
Starring: Daniela Ramírez, Cristobal Tapia Montt, Aida Jabolin

Madre 2016 German BDRip x264-iMPERiUM
Posted 5d, 883.77 MB, 13 files, 0 cmts, Grp, 0 votes  Added to German Category 
madre 2016 german bdrip x264-imperium
Posted 23d, 880.91 MB, 14 files, 0 cmts, NFO, Grp, Media, 0 votes  Added to German Category 

The Big Lebowski (1998) 8.1/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Times like these call for a Big Lebowski.
Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, a Los Angeles slacker who only wants to bowl and drink white Russians, is mistaken for another Jeffrey Lebowski, a wheelchair-bound millionaire, and finds himself dragged into a strange series of events involving nihilists, adult film producers, ferrets, errant toes, and large sums of money.

Genre: Comedy, Crime
Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Starring: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore

Game Over, Man! (2018) 8.8/10

Three friends are on the verge of getting their video game financed when their benefactor is taken hostage by terrorists.

Genre: Action, Comedy
Director: Kyle Newacheck
Starring: Adam Devine, Steve Howey, Sugar Lyn Beard

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