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Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018) 4.5/10

Stronger. Wiser. Deadlier.
When shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun is invited to consult on a top-secret project run by pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant, she is shocked to learn that the company is using unpredictable and highly aggressive bull sharks as its test subjects, which soon break loose and cause havoc.

Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Action
Director: Darin Scott
Starring: Danielle Savre, Rob Mayes, Michael Beach

A Housekeeper's Revenge (2016) 5.2/10

A college student fears for her life after a number of disturbing occurrences, leaving her desperately searching for the culprit. Her suspicions lead to her family house maid, unaware that their connection is much deeper than meets the eye.

Genre: Thriller, Drama
Director: Darin Scott
Starring: Kathryn Newton, Fay Masterson, Kenton Duty

House Party: Tonight's the Night (2013) 4.4/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

A pair of high school rappers have two major goals - make music and get hot girls. The best way to get both is to throw the biggest and best house party ever! The night of the party, one of the boys is grounded by his parents, so it's up to his best friend to break him out of his house confinement and get the party started.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Darin Scott
Starring: Tequan Richmond, Zac Goodspeed, Tristin Mays